Huntington beach health insurance

Huntington Beach Health Insurance

As a Huntington Beach Insurance Brokerage, we do the best in providing our local business clients with an open door to help deal with the health insurance transitions brought by the Affordable Health Care Act. Over the last 22 years our agency has worked with several industries, including: construction, manufacturing, cosmetics, international products, technology, legal, finance, accounting, housing, consumer goods, electronics, computers, dentistry, physicians, advertising, cinema, and more. Our local clients helped us start our business, and we would like to bring up the fact we give free Huntington beach health insurance consultation to see if your current business plan is benefiting you and your company to the fullest. With seasoned employees with tenure of over 20 years on average, our health insurance agency will be able to show you price comparisons, quick and 100% accurate quotes, and the satisfaction that you have someone covering one of your most essential assets, health insurance.

How can we prove our integrity and health insurance knowledge?

These days, every health insurance broker in Huntington beach will tell you how they are the best in the industry and how they are the “one in a million” broker that you have been looking for. Unfortunately, this has created a disconnect between the brokers who take care of their clients to the fullest, and the brokers who only see them during enrollment and renewals. Orange County is a competitive place, and our Huntington Beach clients can share with you why we are so trustworthy, loyal, and how we go above and beyond other agencies. Here is a quote from Simple Green, a fantastic company that sells its products world wide:

Simple Green

“We have been a client of the Buettner Insurance Agency for many years.  First class customer service is their mantra.  Any issues related to our benefit programs that arise, they are eager and anxious to resolve the problem with a quick resolution.  Over the years they have continued to upgrade their services to their clients.  Their portal is packed full of useful information.  They have also responded to our requests for viable and affordable options for LTD, Short Term Disability, COBRA and Flexible Spending Accounts.  They can be trusted to negotiate the best rates possible and still provide the programs that will meet the requirements of the organization.  I would highly recommend their services to any client looking for a first class benefits broker.”

This is just one of the many testimonials we have been given, and our list keeps getting larger while we help new clients, and our lasting retained clients, out through these transitioning times.

Huntington Beach Health Insurance – What we should expect in the future?

One of the biggest trends we are witnessing  in Huntington Beach in regards to Health Insurance are the unraveling of Department of Labor Audits. Over the last couple years, the Department of Labor has been hiring around 1000 new employees to audit companies to make sure they are in compliance with the new laws, and perhaps the most “targeted” compliance issue has to do with ERISA. (Here is some good information on ERISA incase you aren’t familiar) Very few companies seem to be fully in compliance, and even missing a single document could cause employers to lose thousands from penalties. Understanding this, many employers are looking to hire Human Resource consultants, legal teams, and so on, to ensure no penalties are found within their company. Here at Buettner Insurance, we have taken an initiative to partner with many different professionals to make sure our clients are up to date, have the documents in place, and are in compliance once the audits hit hard. Most of our services come at no cost to our clients – we like to share a helping hand (if you would like to know more about our program, please feel free to fill out our contact page at the bottom, or to the bottom left of your screen in the red zone). If you are currently worried about compliance, or haven’t even had it brought up to you, please give us a call to make sure you wont be penalized this year.

Want to see our Human Resources Compliance Portal? Here is a quick way to see how our Huntington Beach Health Insurance team is here to help you grow your business

Huntington Beach Health Insurance FAQ

Health INsurance in Huntington Beach

How competitive is my current health insurance plan?

Our Huntington Beach health insurance clients and business owners often ask us if their current policies can get a discount, and while this may be true for larger businesses, small business owners’ should be aware that their policies are priced the exact same for every broker. That being said, the true value of a broker comes from: (1) Understanding which policy truly fits your needs in a benefit-to-comparison point of view, (2) If they can help you choose the right network that will save you money based on your utilization (such as having you enroll in a smaller network that utilizes your doctors and hospitals instead of hospitals that you never use simply to charge you more premium, (3) If they can provide you with human resources tools, (4) If they can keep you in compliance, (5) How transparent and helpful they actually are (if your current broker has a “gatekeeper” that makes reaching them difficult, you should find a different broker that really works for your interests instead of theirs (this is common to find a broker that never talks to their clients). Here at Buettner Insurance Agency, we pride ourselves on delivering our Huntington beach clients with the best of all (1)-(5), including human resources compliance portals and more. We understand we cannot sell you special insurance rates, because no broker can, but we can provide you with value that is completely free to you.

How much does it cost to have a broker in Huntington Beach?Cost of Huntington Beach health Insurance

There is no cost to having a broker, unless they try to have excessive fees attached to their services, which they may. If you go directly to an insurance carrier, X, it will cost exactly the same as using a broker to get your insurance through X. However, when you have a good broker, you gain several services, products, and knowledge. Essentially, when you have a broker, you have a trained specialist that now works for you for free! That is hard to beat! Just try us out and see what we can do for you, especially if you have no broker.


For a Huntington Beach business, which health insurance carrier will bring us the greatest benefit and services?Huntington Beach Insurance Carrier Building

The answer to that is – it completely depends on utilization. There is never a quick, “Oh, you are in Huntington Beach, that means you will want X plan with X carrier.” Although certain carriers have networks that are more beneficial for individuals in Orange County in comparison to Los Angeles, without knowing where your employees live and which doctors they are loyal to, any plan may work. This is why a broker needs to provide you with questions and they need to hear how you operate before they can give you an adequate recommendation.

Are you looking for Health Insurance in Huntington Beach?

If you are ready to look into health insurance for your Huntington beach business and you are ready to find the right broker, please feel out or contact information listed below or to the left of your screen and let us get in touch.

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