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Newport Beach is a booming city that is right in the middle of Orange County, and due to the already competitive market that is California, Newport Beach businesses face the same stress for better employees, better compensation packages, and better brokers. While the Affordable Health Care Act (ACA) has caused some brokers to decrease their service, support, and solutions, we at Buettner Insurance believe that our clients should get more during this time, not less.

Newport Beach Health Insurance – How the Market has Changed

One of the biggest topics that are bought up these days are compliance, and for good reason. The ACA has brought new penalties, laws, and compliance situations to businesses – a good broker will help guide you through the labyrinth. New requirements, like the 1095-B and the 1095-C, have not only confused some employers, but brokers as well, and we are here to say “Let us help you”. If you are a Newport Beach business owner then you know how quickly a small mistake can turn into business-breaking issue, so we hope you demand a broker that can answer your compliance questions, provide business solutions to help you grow and stay in compliance, and one that will make sure your benefits are the right fit for your company.

Health Insurance in Newport Beach – Where has all of the help gone?

In the recent years the Affordable Health Care Act (ACA) has changed the way many big broker firms have provided service to their groups. We are seeing many small businesses (even large ones) lose their account managers that were in the area, and get a new account manager that is hundreds of miles away. When you are used to relying heavily on a broker that is close by, that helps handle enrollments, that comes out to you and answers all of your insurance questions – what do you do when that great relationship gets removed and replaced by “one or two phone calls” a year? We at Buettner Insurance have seen this trend, and it appears to be a way for bigger companies to cut their expenses, at the expense of their clients. We have been operating in Orange County for over 20 years, and we are here to stay.

Market changes in Health Insurance

The market has been changing rapidly and now is the time for you to take a look at your health insurance and weigh your options. Many carriers have become more competitive than their rivals for the first Quarter of 2016, and if your broker hasn’t helped you look at these new solutions, now is the time. Remember, the competitive marketplace is what California is known for, and the insurance carriers are always trying to beat the other on both price and benefits. It is always a good idea to look at other carriers during your renewals.

Another change to health insurance in the Californian market is in the fact that HMO plans have become similarly priced to PPO plans of the same metal tier (such as gold tier). The days when HMO’s were far cheaper have past us, and if you were looking to move your company to a PPO plan, this market is right for you.

How Competitive is your Health Insurance plan?

Our Newport Beach clients always ask us this on our first meeting with them, and to give you a rough idea of how competitive your plans are without meeting with you (since you are just reading our blog, for now) there is a good guideline you can follow.

  • Have you reviewed other carriers in the past year, two years, or more? If not, there is a good probability your health plan may be less competitive, as the market normally changes and a carrier who was great in the past may be too expensive now.
  • Has your ancillary (dental, vision, hearing, critical illness, etc) been quoted in the last 3 years? If not, you can definitely save money (and get better benefits) by looking at other carrier offers.

Newport Beach Health Insurance – What does the future hold?

The future of health insurance in Newport Beach will be full of twist and turns – we are already seeing legislation being turned around, put on hold, or changed completely, so the health insurance marketplace is still a big mystery going forward. The biggest piece of advice we at Buettner Insurance can give you is that keeping up with compliance laws will need to be a daily activity, and we can help you achieve that with ease. Our compliance portal was designed to make sure you have the best possible system to acquire, share, and download compliance changes in the marketplace. Here is our, in house, video of how the portal works:

For Newport Beach business clients, what carrier is your best bet?

The best carrier for your company will come down to several factors, including: utilization, employee knowledge of health insurance, doctor availability, price/benefit sensitivity, and more. The best possible carrier will have to be hand selected for your group after all the important metrics are selected, which is why a good broker can save you a lot of time, money, and headaches.

If you are looking for Health Insurance in Newport Beach, look no further

Newport Beach is a competitive market and it will always be – our agency knows how to keep you ontop of that competition, and we would love to help you find the best benefit solution for your company. Please feel free to reach out to me at (714) 377-0600 to see what services we can offer you that will truly boost your company.

Have a great day!

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