Orange County Health Insurance – Where the trends are going

Health Insurance has always been a big buzz word in the Orange County business sector, and after the Health Care Reform, it has only been increased in its importance. The trends and recent surveys show that a overwhelming amount of employees seek out jobs that provide benefits, and are even swayed when they are given the choice between benefits or a higher salary (the recent increase in health care prices can be blamed for this). Whether you are a Orange County employer looking to buy health insurance, or an employer who is currently on the edge between offering it and not, here is some important information to help you get to where you are headed.

Orange County Health Insurance Costs

Looking up Health Networks in Orange County

Researching which carriers are most relevant to your needs is the first big step to finding your best cost-to-benefit health insurance policy.

The cost of health insurance in Orange County is more or less equal to that of other regions, and while it is true that insurance in Los Angeles County may be lower than Orange County, or visa versa, there really isn’t a drastic difference. However, on the major plus side, here in Orange County we are surrounded by some of the greatest hospitals, networks, and doctors the world can provide – I am sure you are familiar with HOAG Health or Greater Newport Physicians, just to give an example. Knowing this, one of the best things you can do regarding your health insurance is to make sure you are getting the most bang for your buck and signing up with these health care specialists that are offered here.

Orange County Health Insurance – Where do I begin?

The road to getting the perfect Orange County group health insurance policy can come in a few ways, but there is one in particular that can get you there faster, easier, and with less stress; use a broker – they are free (or if not, please come over to Buettner Insurance Agency or give us a call, because we are!) The health care laws have been ever-changing and have become mixed in with human resource laws, legal compliance issues, and broker questions – all of which can only be handled by brokers that truly care about their client and can afford to have special resources to ensure they are in compliance. Here is an example of what I mean:

The video that is right above this text is a demonstration of a free client portal that is given to our members to help them handle their current positions. We have seen trends where a human resources professional, a compensation professional, an office manager, and so on and so forth, begin to take over more and more responsibilities to where they are spread to thin to really tackle each challenge effectively. After viewing this trend, and speaking to one of our clients of over ten years (who happen to also be internationally acclaimed, so we definitely heeded their advice) we have come out with this product to give our clients for absolutely no cost at all – we just want to make sure their job is easier, more efficient, and improved in any way possible.

Orange County Health Insurance Trends and the Future of Health Insurance in SoCal

Orange County health insurance is here for you

BIA has been around since 1992, and our tenured employees have, on average, 20 years in the field of health insurance.

Finding a broker that can provide you with products and tools is fantastic, but you also need someone that has knowledge. These days, a good broker can be distinguished and picked out from a bad broker simply by their approach to health insurance and their honesty. If you are looking for a new broker, or you are a “first time buyer” for health insurance, make sure the broker you use is working for you, not for themselves. The best way to tell the difference is by how available they are to you; if you cannot get ahold of your broker because he/she has a “gatekeeper”, you should think about finding a broker that has the time to actually sit down with you, find out what you are looking for in regards to your health insurance, and go over the best possible plans. Having a health insurance broker in Orange County pick plans for you in okay, but having a health insurance broker in Orange County really show you the pros and cons and giving you the decision that truly helps your company is fantastic. Have you ever wanted to simply sit down and have your employees pick the plan they want, without breaking your budget? Call us or send us an email and we will tell you how, because that is what we specialize in. Our goal is to gain trust and build relationships, and we truly are the brokers that will work for you and not for ourselves.

What Carriers offer the best Orange County Health Insurance?

There is no "one size fits all". Let us help you find the best carrier(s) for your business!

There is no “one size fits all”. Let us help you find the best carrier(s) for your business!

If you have ever been told that everyone votes for the same political party, that is about as true as having a single health insurance carrier in Orange County as the best for every situation, employee, and business. The truth of the matter is, without sitting down and really going over your location, current doctors, current situation, and personality type (such as wanting an HMO over a PPO because HMO’s are typically easier to administer and utilize), there is no way of finding out which carrier belongs with your company. Also, as a quick fact, most companies switch their health insurance carrier every few years depending on the cost and benefits that the company currently offers. Oftentimes, if a carrier is extraordinarily inexpensive and carries strong benefits, the next year they will be trying to realize their losses and increase premiums while decreasing benefits, and this can be a driving factor as to why businesses switch carriers often.


If you would like to know more about your current situation in regards to health insurance, whether that be from the standpoint of new insurance or if you are struggling with your current broker, please feel free to fill out the form below and contact us. We are here to help. Have a great day!

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